Friday, June 02, 2017

So, Who Is Kathy Griffin?

I don't normally follow popular culture, because most of it is so screwed-up.  But, evidently, there's this comic, Kathy Griffin was photographed holding a fake head.  Evidently, the severed head of President Trump.  The image is disturbing, and you can Goggle around if you'd like.  I will not post it here.

The feedback was immediate and devastating.  Griffin realizes that she screwed-up, big time.  You can see her apology here.

I worked for a colonel once, a full-bull of Military Police.   He was a great leader, stern, funny, led from the front.  One of his favorite platitudes was "You can do anything once."  The unspoken second line was "You may not be around to do it a second time."

There was also a saying, about a "career dissipation light".   It was highlighted in the movie Backdraft.

Yeah, as Colonel Tucker used to tell us: You can do anything once.You may not be around to do it a second time.  I feel that Griffin's career dissipation light just went into overdrive.

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