Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunday Morning

While I was getting my butt kicked at Defensive Tactics on Thursday, Belle was heading north.  She, JimBob, and Zach were going to Missouri to a wedding on that side of the family.  So, since Thursday, the dawg and I have been batch'in it.  We've eaten well, drank a little whiskey, and enjoyed ourselves, even if we missed Belle's steadying hand.

She's leaving Missouri this morning and heading south, so we'll see her about bed time.   That's great, we miss her.

But, in the meantime, life has to go on and the kids will be over today for our usual Sunday lunch.  So, last night, I dropped a bunch of stew meat into the crock post and covered it with good brown gravy.  It's been bumping on low all night, and this morning when I woke up, the kitchen smelled like heaven.  In a few minutes, I'm going to chop some of Guillory's good tasso and put it in a pot with frozen purple-hull peas.  That'll simmer for a couple f hours.  Then, just before lunch, I'll put on a pot of rice, and slip some rolls into the oven.

I'm glad that Belle got to go to the wedding, but it will be good to have her home this evening.

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