Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Ranch Hand

The Taylor's and Co Ranch Hand revolver is a single action revolver suitable for use in CFDA.  Based on the 1873 Model P, it is really a pretty revolver with case-hardened frame and a brass trigger guard.  Here's a picture of mine in .45 Long Colt caliber

They are made in a variety of calibers, including .357 magnum.

Grabagun shows this particular revolver as out-of-sock.  I've asked them to email me when it is back in stock, and when I get the notice, I'll probably click the Order Now button.

My holster maker needs a pattern for these type revolvers, and since he already has a Marlin 1894 in that caliber, this might make a nice companion piece.

I'm just sayin'.


The Displaced Louisiana Guy said...

That is awesome. I'm pretty excited about the thought.

Murphy's Law said...

One thing I hated about moving away from West Virginia was that I was half an hour away from Taylors and Company. I used to love going to their shop and will always be grateful for the work they did on the "bargain" Mitchell Arms Single Action Army that I bought a few years ago.