Saturday, June 17, 2017

Central Air Update

The guys came out yesterday to check the AC unit.  They labored mightily, checked for leaks, got out diagnostic tools, checked pressures, checked temps, traced lines and looked for problems.  they stayed here about an hour.  The diagnosis?  Insulation.

The A/C unit is fine.  But, the insulation in the attic was installed when the house was 2001, and it has packed down.  They recommend that I get someone to blow another six inches of insulation into the attic.  This week is the first week we've had really hot, humid, sticky weather in central Louisiana. this season.  The expert opinion is that the AC unit is humming mightily along, everything within specs and operating within its design parameters..  The problem is that the insulation has lost its ability to hold heat or cold inside the house. It's time to top off the insulation.

I've got to give it to The HVAC Group (318) 229-7542.of the AlexandriaPineville area.    They could have told me that I needed a new unit, and I would have acted on that recommendation. They came to me with a good recommendation, and they have only increased their reputation in my eyes.  They are honest, reputable tradesmen, and I appreciate their professionalism.  They told me that another layer of insulation would reduce stress on my AC unit, would save me money, and make the house more comfortable.  And, in two or three years, if I was ready for a new AC unit, they'd be happy to install it.

Early next week, I'll stat looking for someone to add another layer of insulation to the attic.

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