Saturday, June 03, 2017

Saturday Morninng

Saturday morning, and I'm finishing my last cup of coffee.  In another hour, we'll start running errands, then head south to Thorn Valley.  We haven't been there since Oklahoma, and I'm ready to shoot.

I'm still running that target backdrop through my head, and the idea of using EMT (thanks, John) has merit.  I've seen ranges built from hurricane fence pipe, but I really didn't study it enough to suit my curiosity.  I am a fan of steel tubing, and in my mind, I'm trying to balance sturdiness, transportation weight,, upfront cost, and ease of assembly in the field.  ...  I'll figure it out.  There's lots of options and I have time to get it right.

In the interim, it's time to go shooting.  Belle is planning a menu for tomorrow when the kids show up, and like most Sundays, the menu is liable to change on short notice.

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Old NFO said...

Enjoy the shooting, it's those Zen moments that actually let us relax! :-)