Tuesday, June 20, 2017

On Gunfighting

Those of us who came up in law enforcement in the 70s and 80s knew a dichotomy of law enforcement that few rookies today bother with.  The choice between the revolver and the semi-auto.  One of the living legends of those days was a fellow named Bill Jordan, who was a master with the revolver, specifically the K-Frame Smith and Wesson.

Jordan wasn't one of those guys who engaged in hypothetical  His advice was based on his World War II experience and long long years as a Border Patrol officer.  His book, No Second Place Winner is still considered a magnum opus for those who want to study gunfighting.

Over at Gun Magazine, Mas Ayood has written an article concerning Jordan.
Jordan wrote, “I consider myself fortunate in having known one of the greatest peace officers this country has produced—Captain John Hughes of the Texas Rangers… Like most old timers, he was reluctant to talk of personal experiences but occasionally passed out advice well worth heeding. One such gem that I have always remembered and will pass on was: ‘If you get in a gunfight, don’t let yourself feel rushed. Take your time, fast.’” (Page 107)
That's good advise, and if you haven't read Jordan's book you should really consider picking up a copy.  Lots of good stuff there if you're a student of the lethal arts.

Hat Tip to Wirecutter for the link.

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Old NFO said...

I have it on my bookshelf, and have read it a couple of times... :-D