Monday, June 05, 2017

One More Time

These science deniers try to complicated everything.

Your gender is determined by your chromosomes.  If you have a Y chromosome, you're male.  If you don't, you're female.  It really is that simple.

Hat tip: Wirecutter.


Jonathan H said...

Don't forget that the toys and options are packaged for 'boy' or 'girl'; if you want a 'gender neutral' option, don't go to McDonalds!

Anonymous said...

I may have mentioned this before in comments, but just in case....

I belong to a fitness-related forum. One of the typical topics is how men and women generally respond to strength training differently, largely due to the presence or absence of testosterone. Men put on muscle more easily because of testosterone.

One day this individual informed us that (s)he is "gender fluid" (which apparently means some days he wakes up in the morning and is a guy, sometimes she's a girl). S/he wanted to know how that would affect his/her training. We (gently) explained that how your body responds to training has somewhere between jack and sh*t to do with whether you felt like a guy or a girl that morning, and everything to do with the chemical cocktail that is your body. And I got a lump on my forehead from hitting it against my desk.

Mark D

Anonymous said...

I know that they've expanded the definition in the dictionary, but I'm old-fashioned: to me, "gender" will always pertain to words; living beings have sexes. I won't ever be of the male gender, although a description of me would include such.
Not a complaint, Peter; just me being me. I won't call Rupaul "she", either.
--Tennessee Budd

Anonymous said...

Sorry, PawPaw--I had just been commenting over at another blog.
I'm getting old, I reckon--"starts with a P, now who was it again? Not me, I don't think--well, wait, could it be me? No, I wouldn't be commenting to myself. Wait, I talk to myself all the time. Hang on...."
Advancing senility.