Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Murder in America

If you go surfing around the intertubes like I do, you stumble on some strange places.  Like this quasi-news site I've found, The Trace, that purports to give gun news, but is really an anti-gun site in drag (my apologies to all the queens out there.).  I come to this one article, entitled There are more murders in Chicago each year than in New York and Los Angeles combined. But it isn’t the deadliest large city in America. Where we get this interesting info-graphic.

What is interesting about that graphic is not the number of murders in those locales, but the governance of the cities listed.  Pretty much all Democrat mayors.   What that info-graphic tells me is that if I want to have the greatest chance of being shot, I should move to a Democrat-run political machine.

Go over to The Trace if you want pure unadulterated anti-gun quasi-news.  It's good for a laugh, and I'll probably click it once in a while, to see what the mentally-challenged are crying about today.

One more article asks the rhetorical question:
How Easy Should It Be to Buy a Silencer for a Gun?
My answer: As easy as walking into an auto-parts store and buying an oil filter or solvent trap.  (The anti-gunners will see neither the humor or nthe irony of my answer.)


Jonathan H said...

You were supposed to answer how easy it SHOULD be to buy one, not how easy it IS to buy one (and no, I'm not encouraging anyone to break the law; I'm just pointing out the absurdity of it).
I like the argument that the government requires mufflers on our cars to protect our hearing but essentially prohibits them on guns.

P.S. I have a registered oil filter adapter silencer, so I am well acquainted with the absurdity of the regs but have complied with them anyway.

Anonymous said...

It should be as easy, and as mandatory, as buying a muffler for a car.