Sunday, April 12, 2015

We're Back

Got in an hour ago, and we're still unpacking, but I had to get the SD card out of the camera and edit a few pictures.

Gentleman George, our host.  Beloved of CFDA.
Texas Rose, our Match Director.  George's spouse and one heckofa shoter in her own right.
Those two were running the show.  Great people, magnificent organizers and people-persons. They did a magnificent job putting the show together.  I know that they're both exhausted, but I'm proud to say that I know them both.

Heretofore on this blog, I've referred to my wife as Milady, an alias to protect her privacy.  However, in Cowboy Fast Draw, we pick our own aliases, and she's picked hers.

Louisiana's Calamity Jane putting wax on a target.
Milady has picked Louisiana Calamity Jane as her CFDA alias, and acquitted herself well as a first time shooter in the bracket matches.  She also learned a lot about match shooting and how a match works. Everyone needs to go to a big match to learn the ins-and-outs.

Of course, after the match we had to walk down to The Rodeo Shop at the Stockyards Coliseum and buy her a proper hat.  Of course, being the stylish pistolero she is, we required both a summer hat and a winter hat.  Hats are de rigueur in cowboy competition and Milady is now properly outfitted in her chapeau department.

It's great to be home.  Now, I need to go unpack the car.

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BobF said...

If you got away with having to buy only two hats, well, you are one lucky guy! :-)

No matter the results, enjoy.