Saturday, April 18, 2015

Product Review. Inexpensive Holster Belt

Spmetimes we stumble upon a product that is just exactly what it seems, and is so perfect for the intended use that we forget to tell everyone about it.  It just makes sense.

We're highlighting the Uncle Mike's Sidekick Belt today.  It's a plain, nylon belt, infinitely adjustable, and available for about $10.00 everywhere.  You probably have one in your bag, or in a closet somewhere.  Midway has them.  So does Amazon.  You can normally find them in your local big-box store.

When Milady and I started looking at Cowboy Fast Draw, we weren't sure if we would adopt the game or not, but once we got to the range, and watched for a while, someone invited us to shoot.  They took out one of these little belts, slid a holster on it, and invited us to try.  And that's the benefit of this belt.  It's infinitely adjustable out to 50 inches, so whether you're a petite lady or a big ol' buckaroo, this belt will fit you.  No, it's not period-correct, but it is virtually indestructible, infinitely adjustable, durable, and inexpensive.  Very inexpensive.

I've had one of these for several years, and it's held up well, even toting my big Ruger Super Blackhawk across the deer lease.  It's inexpensive enough that if it gets damaged, you don't feel like you've lost anything, but I've never managed to break one.

If you're looking for an inexpensive holster belt, one that is not pretentious, will hold your pistol on your hip, and is very, very inexpensive, give the Uncle Mike's Sidekick a chance.  It's been a great gun belt for a long, long time.  Don't be afraid of the tiny cost.  Sometimes, you get more than you pay for, and this belt has the PawPaw seal of approval.


Old NFO said...

Huh, I stayed away from it, figuring it was not well made at that price. Thanks!

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Just what I need around the farm. Thank You!