Monday, April 06, 2015

Doing Taxes

I sat down this morning to do my taxes, courtesy of the download software at H&R Block.  After TurboTax's problem earlier this year, I thought I'd go with something new.  A co-worker does taxes part-time for Block, and she tells me the software is very, very good.

Milady and I have a fairly complicated tax return, with multiple retirements and multiple employers.  What hurts is we have no dependents, and we re-financed our mortgage year-before-last, so our mortgage deduction is pretty slim.

I'll have to file an extension, simply because we don't have the information from the nursing home.  Even so, I have to write those bastards a check again this year.  A fairly healthy check.  Evidently, Milady and I are not poverty-stricken, and the US Government, through the IRS, seems to think we're made of money.  That isn't so, but I still get to write a check.

Just damn.

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