Saturday, April 25, 2015

Saturday Sloth

This morning dawned rainy on my acre.  Milady and I are barely moving around, even though we've got a busy afternoon planned.  We're going to the club shoot at 1:00 and to a grandkid's birthday party at 4:00.  Tomorrow, of course, we'll feed the crew lunch and this is the weekend that the pool traditionally opens.

Several years ago, Milady planted a rose bush opposite the pool, and it seems to like it there.  Last week there were a few blooms, but yesterday we noticed that it has fully bloomed.  We're not sure what variety of rose it is.  It's in the Knockout family, but the precise variety is lost to the ages.

It seems to be happy over there.  It has certainly loaded itself with blooms.

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Old NFO said...

Pretty and I'm sure it keeps Milady happy!