Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Jiffy Lube

I had the most horrible service at the Edgewood Drive Jiffy Lube in Pineville that I've ever experienced anywhere.  Trying to get a vehicle inspected, I had a bulb burned out, and I told them I'd be back in a few minutes, ran over to a parts house, changed the bulb and came back.after I changed the bulb, to be told that the only guy who was authorized to inspect vehicles had left for lunch (this about 3:30 pm) and wouldn't be back for 45 minutes.

SO, I asked the little gal who was standing in the gravel in a Jiffy Lube uniform where I could get the car inspected.  She told me to go to the Kingsville store up the road.  I put the car in reverse, backed out, and went to the Kingsville store (all this in Pineville, LA).  When I got there, a three-bay garage, they had one car in the shop, so I waited, and waited, and finally got out of the car and waved down an employee.  He grudgingly inspected the car.

I've sent a harsh memo to the online complaint department at Jiffy Lube.  Now I'm telling everyone who reads my blog that I'm truly dissatisfied with Jiffy Lube in Pineville, LA.  What should have been a 15 minute unpleasant experience turned into an hour of frustration.

Way to go, Jiffy Lube.  Pissing off customers is what you seem to do best.

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Anonymous said...

There is a gas station on on the left side of 28 east going towards Deville. Normally has buses around it. I spend more time BSin with owners than it does to get the vehicle inspected.