Friday, April 03, 2015

Good Friday

Between doing chores, fasting, and reflecting on the Crucifixion, I come inside and find an article in National Review.  It seems that ISIS has resurrected the old, ghastly practice.
Much of the news about latter-day crucifixions and other atrocities escapes the confines of ISIS-controlled territory thanks to a brave group called Raqaa Is Being Slaughtered Silently. Details are grim.
It seems that they crucify people in the town square and make the citizenry watch.  Go to the link above, and read the whole thing, but know that crucifixion is back, and it is as horrendous now as it ever was.


Old Grafton said...

"Father Sirico takes the high road of forgiveness, as Catholic priests usually do.When ISIS members reach the Pearly Gates, they can beg for mercy. Civilization’s urgent challenge is to get them to stare up at Saint Peter at the earliest possible moment."

JoeMama said...

I wish there was some deep insight I could post. But there is not.

It will take somebody's boots on the ground to kick them in the teeth. The current administration's track record with empowering and supporting "the good guys" is abysmal. Heck, they cannot even identify the "good guys".

Thank God that we have the technology and infrastructure to get the job done IF we ever get off top-dead-center.