Sunday, April 05, 2015

Sunday Morning Dawg

Easter Sunday, and we're busy prepping for the Easter meal.  About 20 people (more or less) are showing up here about noon, and we'll be celebrating Easter.  Smoked ham, baked beans, potato salad. Yeast rolls, of course, and iced tea.  Lots of iced tea.  The dog is supervising, and making sure that everyone is taking care of their duties.

In another hour, I'll start peeling potatoes for the potato salad, while Milady preps the ham to go into the smoker.  She insists on pineapple and cherries on her hams, and I'm happy to let her dress them.

The dog has a groomer's appointment next week, so maybe we'll be able to tell one end from the other.

Happy Easter, everyone.

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