Wednesday, April 01, 2015

The RFRA Hypocrisy

I'ave been watching the outrage on the internets, and frankly I'm amused at the hypocrisy of the rabid left in decrying such things as a small pizzeria somewhere saying they won't cater a gay marriage.  They really had to dig deep to find one little pizzeria who chooses to stand on religious principal, while large US corporations sell their products in countries where being gay is against the law.  The US Government itself negotiates with countries where being gay is a capital offense.

Allahpundit says it best:
And one of the worst things about it, especially if you support gay marriage, is how parochial the outrage is. MKH touched on that the other night in noting that Apple somehow manages to tolerate capital punishment for gays in Saudi Arabia in the name of selling iPhones there. Jonah Goldberg noted on Twitter this morning that Iran’s own death sentences for the crime of homosexuality are obviously no impediment to the peace-in-our-time nuclear deal that’s brewing right now. The world’s richest corporation and most powerful government could draw real red lines aimed at helping gays abroad but they don’t because it might cost them something. Only when it costs them nothing, like in the absurd hypothetical of a great wave of Indiana businesses kicking gays out, do they pound the table. They’re beneath contempt. And they’ll never be called on it by anyone who matters to them.
Indeed.  If you're going to be outraged, at least be consistent in your outrage.  I call on Apple to immediately stop selling products in countries that outlaw being gay.  Or shut up about it.  Your hypocrisy is showing.

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B said...

even better, stop PRODUCING products in countries where being gay is outlawed.

'Course that'll cut into the profit margin....