Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Tuesday Travels

I've been running around like crazy today and came home to check email and such things. I found a comment in moderation, from a fellow named Joel, aka First Shirt, that I've talked with on other forums. He made a gracious offer to send me some bullets for Bud's kids, but the link to his email isn't working. I'll look for him on the forums, but in the meantime, if Joel happens back here, my email address is ddezendorf at yahoo dot com.

Early this morning, I met Termite, a friend from another forum who just happens to live down the road from me. We met at the Sheriff's office range where we wanted to shoot some rifles, and his college-age daughter wanted to learn the intricacies of a .22 revolver. We got to the range and found that the SWAT team had scheduled it for the morning, but before they started training we had time to let his daughter and son shoot several cylinders through the .22 revolver. It was fun watching a new shooter learn about sight alignment and trigger squeeze and watching her cylinder groups tighten up. On a standard B27 target at 10 yards, her opening shots were scattered over the target in the 7 ring. Three cylinders later, she was keeping them all in the nine ring with the majority of them in the 10 or X.

One deputy let her try an L-Frame 686 with .38 special ammo and she seemed to enjoy that. I love bringing new shooters along, especially one as pretty and personable as she.

We left the range about nine o'clock and I spent the morning running errands. I haven't even looked at the Dow this afternoon, preferring the gentle glow of bringing a new shooter another step closer.


Anonymous said...

Do not look at the Dow if you have any form of heart trouble. I am fearful the country will not hold together long enough for the thug in chief to be removed by the ballot box. Noe is the time for beans, band aids, and bullets.
I pray God will have mercy on our country.

Anonymous said...

PawPaw, if you're going to talk about a college-age girl and how pretty she was PLEASE post a picture. Would love to check out her stance! Just kidding. It is great to help introduce someone new to shooting.
Jerry in Mindoro, WI

Termite said...

Careful there, Jerry.

Thanks for the outing. Wish we could have checked the deer rifles for zero.
Ah well, maybe Sat morning at the LDWF range, if I have time.