Saturday, August 20, 2011

Google Maps

I'm trying something and if it works, you'll all be able to see where I hunt. Google Maps has some features that I've been trying to figure out and maybe (just maybe) I've started to break the code on some of those things.

I went to the hunting camp today to check on things and I took a GPS to plot some coordinates then came home and started piddling with the technology.

View Searcy-Snyder in a larger map

That seemed to work. The map shows a portion of the Sinai-Snyder hunting club in LaSalle Parish, LA. There are three place-marks on that map. The one on bottom left is the stand of one brother-in-law, the stand on the bottom right belongs to another brother-in-law. My stand is under the SAT button at top right. If you grab the map you can move it around, change scale, do lots of things to it. The link to the map is here.

I think that's pretty cool. I really should pay more attention to this technology stuff.

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