Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Cajun Wisdom

My buddy over at Mostly Cajun is a font of wisdom, some of it hard-gleaned from life and today he quotes Kipling while talking about lessons of agriculture.
And any farmer can tell you that what you feed, you get more of. Our benevolent overlords feed “the poor” and harvest votes. And they get more “poor”.

Any rancher can tell you that cattle left to themselves will forage and live. They won’t be nearly as profitable. They’ll be wild and intractable and hard to handle and notoriously hard to round up and sell. But they’ll make it on their own. But when you start feeding them… They’ll happily show up day after day, lowing, waiting for you to drive up and offload the hay. And one day, when they’re all there waiting on the hay, you harvest… Or worse, you stop feeding, and there’s a big die-off before the survivors remember how to get feed for themselves.
Lots of wisdom there.


Stephen said...

So very true.

Old NFO said...

Amen... Truth, no question!