Sunday, August 07, 2011

Sunday Morning Dawg

The dog believes that it's hot outside. With afternoon temps topping 100 degrees on my not-calibrated thermometer, I'm inclined to agree with him. Normally when I go outside he's bouncing off the door, but in this heat, I have to lure him outside. He won't get in the direct sunshine for anything.

With that coat, I can't say that I blame him. He's got an appointment for Monday at the groomer's shop.


Anonymous said...

Puppies LOVE popsicles, Papaw! I bet Beau could use a yummy cool popsicle just about now. Love to you from the hills of Tennessee. It's hot here (in the high 80's) but there is a breeze blowing today. I wish I could send it down to you. Franniedez

Rivrdog said...

We're experiencing our coolest summer in 30 years here in the PacNorWest, but when I had my kitty at the pet clinic for his shots the other day, I noticed that both of their local housecats had shorn fur.

I thought I had invented clipping a pussycat 35 years ago, when a bachelor pad I moved into had the longhair cat which lived there get in distress from matted belly fur, so I found a par of sheep-shears and sheared the cat. The cat appreciated it, but all visitors thought I was cruel.

Gerry N. said...

We here at Thugge Manor are staff to three cats, one a coal black long haired queen. Every Summer her belly and facial fur matte horribly so she goes to the Kitty Beauty Parlor for a "Do". This year SWMBO paid the extra $10 for a "Lion Trim". Very practical and it makes me giggle every time I look at her. She seems to like it, though. She is our largest cat at about 20#, but is a total wimp, refusing to go outside for any reason whatsoever, been that way since birth. Our dog, Bella, an 80# pit bull bitch is buffaloed by the three cats, wants to play with them but is frightened. The cats won't allow her on the bed, so she lives in the front room and sleeps under the coffee table. Right now she's on the back deck sleeping in the sun. Happy puppy.

Our neighbor to the rear just got two little fluffy foo-foo dogs who resemble furry, self propelled hankies. They immediately figured out how to get through the fence. No one was home here yesterday so all three dogs spent the day chasing each other all over the yard. When I got home they were all sleeping in the shade. I found an old plastic dishhpan in the garage and washed it out for a water dish, the dogs all seem to appreciate it. Watching an 80# pit bull and two furry handkerchiefs chase each other and play is a real kick.

Like RD said, this is one of the pleasantest Summers I remember in my 67 years, G-d in Heaven, how I love the Pac. NW. 70 deg and a light Southern breeze as I type, no mosquitos, yellow jackets or wasps yet this year, and my tomatoes and chilis are producing copiously, I'll have to learn to can Jalapenos.

If we could only control the idiot liberals (redundancy alert!) it would be Paradise.