Thursday, May 19, 2011

Presidential Elections

Jim Brown used to be a politico here in Louisiana, and now he does a radio show. He's concerned because the President isn't elected by the popular vote.
So why, in the presidential election do we have an electoral system that allows voters in the majority of the states to be disenfranchised?
Simply, Jim, because we don't live in a democracy. The United States is a republic and the president is elected by the states, through a device we call the electoral college. I'd think that a guy who used to be the Louisiana Secretary of State would understand the system and not ask idiotic questions, but perhaps I'm expecting too much.

Over the years, there have been some with the idea to change the electoral system to one of a popular vote. They forget that to do that would require that the Constitution be amended and that takes time. I don't think that the states could get it done before the next presidential election, even if they were so disposed to do so. Naw, I don't see it happening, but Jim's got to crow about it.

Ya see, Jim Brown is a Democrat. The worst kind of Democrat. And Obama is a Democrat, so Jim would like to see Obama re-elected. It ain't gonna happen, Jim. Obama threw the Jewish vote away today and I don't think that the Muslim vote is going to make up for what he lost.

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