Wednesday, May 18, 2011


About three blocks from the school, there's an old-time butcher shop, M&M Martin Meats. It's on Lee Street, which is the historically industrial/black section of town. They still cut meat and they cater to the black trade, but there are those of us who know the appeal of a good neighborhood butcher.

This afternoon on the way home, I got steak-hungry and decided to stop at the butcher shop. He had a fine little USDA Select ribeye and I asked him to cut a couple of steaks about 3/4ths of an inch thick. While he was cutting the steak, I went to his produce department, which consists of a box of potatoes, and picked out two nice russet potatoes.

When I got home I marinated those steaks in a garlic/herb marinade and put them in the fridge. When Milady came home from work, I put the 'taters in the microwave and heated up the grill.

Several months ago, Milady brought this little grill home from the auction. It's electric and I can hear the purists moaning, but a good steak deserves to be cooked on a piece of gridiron, and this grill has a gridiron. It's made by George Foreman and I think it's just dandy for a couple of steaks, or a dozen hot dogs.

As the steaks sizzled to a nice medium rare, I sipped on a Sam Adams beer.

Steak and baked potato. It's what's for supper.


J said...

I have a George Foreman grill with a lid and heat coils top and bottom. It is a dandy for burgers and steaks. I use it on my front porch in warm weather.

Hobie said...

It is what we had for supper tonight!

J said...

M&M also cooks fine cracklins if your teeth can take them. Then they'll sell you the left over hog oil/lard for $1.50 per gallon as of a few years ago.

Paul said...

I still like gas, but we have a George Foreman and I have to say it does pretty good!