Thursday, May 26, 2011


I just finished the last day of school and I'm AWF. That's A-W-F, AWF!

As unlike off, where you take a day off from something. AWF is carefree vacation mode. I've earned it, and I'm taking it. There was a time when I worked constantly, never taking a day off and only occasionally taking the odd week for vacation. When I retired, I had accumulated three years of combined annual and sick leave.

I still don't take sick leave. If, God forbid, I get sick or injured, I'll take it then. I've been off sick only four days in the past eight years and I thank God for my health. But, my accumulated vacation time, I take it. With the detail that is my current assignment, we work a lot of extra time that we can accumulate to take when school is not in session. The last day of school was today, and I'm AWF!

I've got about two weeks of honey-dos, then I'm going to start getting ready for deer season.

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Flintlock Tom said...

I spent a minute trying to figure out the acronym in my head and then I just said it out loud.


That there ain't the Queen's English neither.