Thursday, January 22, 2009


Wanna know what the Russians think of Hillary Clinton as Sec State? Read their newspaper.
Hillary Clinton as the US Secretary of State will not change anything. The color of the skin does not change the essence of aggressive politics. She definitely enjoys great respect in the United States as a woman who returned to big politics after the infamous scandal with her husband. Unlike Condoleezza Rice, Clinton has a more subtle perception of the moment. She realizes that life is not based on the American dream but follows a completely different motto: “We either swim or drown.”
Ha! It gets better: On idea that the United States should be using smart diplomacy, they note:
There is an impression that Clinton is either being sarcastic or she distorts the whole history of the United States. America has never had smart foreign policies. America was always solving its problems through wars.

It's a hoot of an article. Go read it. It's some idea of what the furriners think about our new Sec State.

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Old NFO said...

Ah yes... A view of the new administration NOT done through rose colored glasses!