Friday, January 02, 2009


It seems that the IDF is going after the leadership.
The day before a powerful blast sent his headless body flying out of his Gaza home on Thursday, senior Hamas leader Nizar Rayan predicted that the Islamist movement would defeat Israel.

"God willing, Hamas will win," Rayan said in a vitriol-laden speech that the movement's television broadcast just after he, his four wives and 10 of his children were killed in the Israeli blitz of the Gaza Strip on Thursday.
Dude! The blast flung his headless corpse into the street. That's rude.

Had Hamas gone about building a nation after Israel pulled out of the strip in 2006, they might have been enjoying a bit of prosperity by now. No, the people of the Gaza strip would rather blame Israel for their lack of prosperity, their political problems, their inability to make progress. It's all Israel's fault, and Death to the Jews. Well, I for one, have no more time for sympathy for the Palestinians living in Gaza. They're all racist, hate-filled, simian-bred, acolytes of a made-up religion founded by a pedophile prophet. The world will be better off when they're all gone.

They're not even good fathers. Look at this guy's example. He's using his home to store weapons and ammunition for Hamas. That makes it a legitimate military target. He knows that the IDF is targeting military targets, so he keeps his four wives and ten children inside.

Hamas brought this on themselves. They've been lobbing Katyusha rockets over the border for a couple of years. A Katyusha is not a precision weapon. It's basically a bigger version of the bottle rockets that kids play with during the holidays. It can be targeted at something the size of a town, but it might hit anything in the town. The kindergarten, the hospital, the empty lot beside your house. It's a terror weapon.

I like the analogy of a drive-by shooting. If someone was driving by your house a couple of times a week, shooting randomly through your front window, wouldn't you want them to stop? It wouldn't matter if anyone was hurt. Just the idea that they're firing into the house is unacceptable.

Well, that's what Hamas is doing with the Katyusha rockets. A drive-by on Israel. And Israel's had enough. It's got to stop.

Sorry about Rayan's kids, but he put them in harm's way. It's no one's fault but his own. He cared less about his own children than he hates Israel, and now his genes are forever removed from humanity. I count that a good thing.

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Weetabix said...

Color me heartless, but I can't scrape up much sympathy for Rayan's kids either - what were the chances they'd turn out to be anything other than what he was?