Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More thoughts on that food article

That food article I talked about this morning? Yeah that one.

The bar we had to cross was under $35.00. I'm going to assume that's for a family of four.

Here a while back, I found a whole ribeye in the grocer's rack, marked off at about $50.00. It looked like a good deal, so I got the butcher to cut it into 1" steaks. He got nine steaks out of the ribeye, so those nine steaks cost me $5.55 apiece.

I picked up a bag of potatoes for $5.00, and some salad fixings for another $5.00.

Lets say that the backed potato and salad adds a dollar to the cost of the individual meal, along with the original $5.55 for the steak. That's $6.55 per plate and for a family of four, I'm still way, way under $35.00 for steak, potato and salad. If my calculator is correct, I spent $26.20 to feed four people.

The more I think about that article, the funnier it gets.


Pappy said...
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Old NFO said...

Heh... I just did a pot of chili and cornbread total cost probably $15 bucks. I'll be eating that for the rest of the week!

Of course you 'might' not want to be downwind...

Windy Wilson said...

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I'll have to look up that ribeye business. Is that the loin?