Thursday, May 04, 2006

Public Bribery

From the Dead Pelican, and the Times Picayune, we get this story about the man who bribed an unknown representative but who has close ties to Representative William Jefferson. It is truly damning testimony. We should remember that a person is assumed innocent until proven guilty, that the presumption of innocence applies until the jury speaks or the plea is taken.


Bribery of pubic officials is a crime that strikes directly to the heart of our government. Public officials should avoid even the appearance of corruption. Public officials should conduct all business in a purely transparent matter.

Republican or Democrat, corruption is wrong. It takes advantage of the most needy and causes distrust in our elected officials.

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oyster said...

For legal purposes we can pretend he's innocent, and give him his day in court, but, "Dollar Bill" Jefferson won't be a representative much longer. He's going down.