Friday, May 19, 2006

Harrison-Temple-Stephens update

I see today in the Baton Rouge Advocate that the Grand Jury decided that no one is to be charged in the Temple shooting.

You might remember me convering this one.
A grand jury Thursday decided against charging anyone in the death of motorist George Temple II, shot and killed by a civilian Feb. 17 while fighting with a police officer.

Prosecutors presented about 15 witnesses during six hours of testimony before the East Baton Rouge Parish grand jury.
No one charged in the shooting. I suppose not. No one did any thing wrong, except George Temple, who resisted arrest, was beating an officer, and was shot by a stout-hearted citizen.

Of course, Temple's momma is upset and the family lawyer is still confident that someone will be held accountable. Looks to me like Temple is accountable and everyone else has been ruled justifiable.

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