Sunday, May 28, 2006

Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend. Nothing spectacular going on at PawPaw's house, because Milady is working tonite, so will sleep most of the day tomorrow, and because PawPaw has to work tomorrow. Milady and I will see each other in the afternoon.

If you're looking for maudlin reminiscing, go thee hither. Memorial day has always been one where I thank God for what I have and thank the men and women who made it possible for me to live in this great country. I will raise a glass tonight in the privacy of my backyard and I will toast absent friends. They know who they are.

This weekend also is the traditional first weekend of the summer season. I've spent most of the morning planning my summer project, a bath house for the back yard. Actually, a crapper in a shed, but a very nice shed. It'll be air-conditioned, with a linoleum floor, a shingled roof, and sheetrock walls. There will be a toilet, a sink, and lots of cabinets to store towels. There will be a convenient bench for sitting while changing, and there will be hooks on the wall to hang clothing. Metal siding on the exterior will compliment the package. Milady wants room for a refrigerator to store drinks and snacks. All my planning takes this into account.

This is phase two of the backyard makeover. Milady wants to install an inground pool and the bath house will keep guests (translate - grandkids) from traipsing across the household carpet with wet feet when they need to use the bathroom.

Phase three of the project is the swimming pool. Phase four will be decks or pavers to visually tie the whole project together. It's quite ambitious, but I'm excited about beginning. Lots of planning goes in to something like this but I'm certain it can be accomplished.

Enjoy your Memorial Day. Remember to raise a glass in toast to those who made it possible.

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