Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hacked again

I see Aaron has been hacked again, by some lizard that calls himself 020.

Evidently, Aaron pissed off some folks, some Islamists, by defending the right of free speech. They are hacking him so regularly now that it has become almost monotonous. Monotony, of course, is what we expect from fundamental Islam. Monotony of thought, monotony of speech, monotony of experience. Everything in Islam is forbidden unless it is expressly allowed. I suppose that would be the most monotonous experience imaginable. No wonder the jihadis are so excited about becoming a martyr. Almost anything is preferable to living under Islam on this planet.

By hacking him, they lose the argument. Hacking is a violation of free speech and reflects the hate and lack of intellectual rigor that their arguments possess. It is a cowardly manner of silencing dissent, of refusing to let other viewpoints be heard.

The act of hacking a dissident site is illuminative of the free speech practiced in many parts of the Islamic world. It should serve as a powerful reminder of what we are fighting and remind us all that the battlefield is here too. We must defeat fundamental Islamists wherever they show themselves. The price of defeat is too high.

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Standard Mischief said...

He needs a new hosting provider. One that takes security seriously.