Sunday, July 23, 2017

Two Days of Notnstop sShooting

We shot yesterday with the two Louisiana clubs, the Thorn Valley Shootinst Society and the Cross Branded Peacemakers.  Both Belle and Zach hit a personal best yesterday at Thorn Valley.  Zach hit a 0.431.For the uninitiated, he drew a single-action Ruger new Vaquero, cocked the revolver and hit a target 21 feet away 0.431 of a second from the time the light came on in the target. For those wondering, it takes a quarter of a second 0.250_ to blink your eye.

Belle was a bit slower.  She started her string at 0.797, which was a personal best, then hit a 0.793, and finished the string with a 0.761.    I was a proud sonofagun.  y gal is flirting with three-quarters of a second.  She got applause on each of her personal best times.

Then, we went over to the Cross Branded Peacemakers, the club we've formed.  We set up the range and prepped to accommodate new shooters.  Seventeen (17) people signed the sheet, which is the most we've ever had as a club practice.

This morning, we're heading to Silsbee, TX, to shoot with the Big Thicket Bushwackers, a fine club in east Texas.  Five of us from the Peacemakers will travel over and shot with them, because it's fun, because we love the sport and the people, and because, what the hell.

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Old NFO said...

And that shooting IS paying off, times are dropping, which is good!