Sunday, July 30, 2017

Old Smith and Wesson

Not the revolver, but almost as cool.  My daughter presented me with an old (probably repo) advertising sign from Smith and Wesson.  I think that it's cooler than hell.

These are some huge .jpg files, so you can probably enlarge them for more detail, but some of the details are just cooler than hell.

And, when I saw the caliber selection, I was stumped.

I admit that I had never heard of the 38-100, but a little Googling around, and I learned that it is a rimfire cartridge..  Oh, I bet that the .38-100 was a real man-stopper.

Still, it's a great old sign and it is going to go up in my shop.  Thanks, Squirrel!


Bradley said...

IIRC 38-100 was another name for 38S&W right?

Goatwhiskers said...

SWMBO brought one of those home. We have a 4 switch panel in the great room and I made a panel cover from it. GW

Old Grafton said...

Yes it's a repop but who cares? it's cool as can be and my gunsmithing shop is wallpapered with more of the same as well as automotive related oils, brands, serrvices and farm equipment too! Good on your Daughter for thinking of you!!