Saturday, April 01, 2017

Louisiana State

I took delivery this morning on brass, wax bullets, primers, and ammo boxes that we'll use for Louisiana State.

We had a party here earlier, loading wax, seating bullets, adding primers, and boxing the loaded ammo.  After we had done several hundred rounds, we decided that the brass wasn't quite up to sniff for the best possible outcome, so I called a halt and set up a neck-sizing die in my old single stage press.

I don't own any .45 LC dies.Bell and I decided a long time ago that we'd limit that caliber to wax bullet ammo only.  We shoot that caliber in the back yard and we don't want any opportunity for an "OH-CRAP" moment., so I don't own any .45 LC dies.  But, old-time reloaders know that we can load .45 LC with .45 ACP dies, and as all I wanted to do was straighten the ase mouths, my .45 ACP expander die, set properly, would suffice properly.

A few minutes at the press, and I had that die set to iron the crimp out of the brass.,  No flare, just a straight, round case mouth would suffice.  I'm 1500 rounds into that exercise now, but the cases look a heck of a lot better and the bullets are loading properly.

I'm averaging about 500 cases an hour, and I've got exactly 2500 cases still to re-size.  We want to have 4500 rounds of ammo loaded and ready to go for the first shot of Louisiana State.  I'd better get cranking on that handle.  The shoot is less than three weeks away.


Old NFO said...

Good on y'all for doing the work!

Jonathan H said...

That's a nice rule to have, sounds like it came from Southern hospitality.

P.S. Think you dropped something here "all I wanted to do was straighten the ase mouths".