Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Eaton Rapids Joe gives us a post on Unpredictability, and he opens with this line:
It is universally accepted that it is advantageous to have a "Poker face" when playing poker or other games of chance that involve other actors.
I have one minor quibble with this thesis, and that is that I don't believe poker to be a game of chance.  There is some randomness associated with poker, but it is mainly a game of skill.  Much like Doc Holliday says.

However, I do agree that  President Trump differs from the "O" guy in that he doesn't telegraph his intentions.    The "O" gjy would tell everyone what he intended to do.  Operations Security (OPSEC) had no place in the "O" administration.

President Trump is correct to keep his adversaries guessing.    We must be rational, after all, but there's no sense in being utterly predictable, especially when it comes to military operations.


Old NFO said...

Yep, Trump actually UNDERSTANDS OPSEC! Finally, somebody up there that is more concerned about keeping the troops alive than making 'political' statements!

Joe Mama said...

Hello Pawpaw: I am tickled that you thought that post was worthy of mentioning.

Poker is both a game of skill and a game of chance. The skill involves probability and reading people. If nothing else, poker (and casinos and lottery tickets) prove that there are 100 optimists for every mathematician.

Best regards,