Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Motorola Droid Maxx

In August, three months ago, Milady and I decided to get new smartphones.  We went with the Motorola Droid Maxx, which advertised great battery life.  And, for a couple of months, everything was wonderful.  Except that occasionally, we'd open our Contacts folder and find that the system had randomly deleted about half our contacts.  Our frequently used contacts.

Aggravating, frustrating, we went to the Verizon store and they told us that it's not a known issue.  That amazes me, because I told the girl at the counter about the issue and now she knows about it.

But, that issue now seems to be solved.  However, there's another issue.  Battery life sucks.  When we got the phones, you could go two or three days between charges, but now battery life is measured in hours.  Less than eight of them.  I noticed it first, Tuesday a week ago (October 20th).  I noticed that the phone in my shirt pocket was warm.  Warm to the touch.  Like the old hand-warmer I'd use to keep my hands warm while hunting as a kid.  Very warm.

And, I've cast about online for a solution, but with not much luck.  This is probably one of those things that's not a known issue.  So, tomorrow I'm going back to the Verizon store and ask them if they've heard about the issue.


Anonymous said...

Your phone might be running an application or many of them,try a re-start. It seems to work with mine, sometimes.

JoeMama said...

Are you spending more time in areas with a poor signal? Sometimes phones burn up charge "hunting" for a tower. This is particularly notable when canoeing. Signal is mostly line-of-sight and those valleys make it hard to get any.

Jerry The Geek said...

Smart fones suk.

I bought a Samsung Galaxy 6 from Verizon a few months ago, and I've had nothing but trouble. It takes longer to charge the battery than to discharge it ... if you're actively using the fone. Not an exageration. And even when not in use, it still won't last for 24 hours.

It arbitrarily and unilaterally shuts itself off and on. The setting I put in place sometimes disappear. I could go on and on, but you get the idea; you're not in GOOD company, but you're not alone.

I'd dump the darn thing and go back to my no-screen 'standard fone' except for one thing: My Internet mail goes through Comcast, and periodically (such as most of today) their email is 'off line, but rest assured we are aware of the problem and the engineers are working on it".

At the same time, I can read and write emails (and surf the net) on the fone. It's like "belts and Suspenders", except the belt is too big to hold up your britches, and the suspenders sag.

We are cursed by cutting edge technology.

If I had written application software that displayed such dismal performance, I wouldn't have retired; they would have canned my ass.


Rivrdog said...

Try these, PawPaw.

Turn off Location and Bluetooth. Make sure Near Field Comm is off (never use it)

Remove Facebook's app. I doubled my battery life just doing that. Use FB thru the browser.

Key: "close all apps" when you don't need them. Most droids it's a long push on action button while in Home Screen.