Monday, October 20, 2014

Yellow Jackets

Recently we've been noticing an infestation of yellow jackets on the patio, little black and yellow stinging insects that show up whenever we're sitting on the patio, eating or having a drink.  With grandkids about, stinging insects ain't cool, and PawPaw resolved to do something about it.

Hereabouts, the yellow jackets live in the ground, and we suspect that we've got a nest under one of the two decks.  Burning them out is normally the way I deal with ground wasps and hornets, but that measure would be tough on my deck, so I cast about for an alternate solution.

I went to Lowe's this afternoon and found a trap that's supposed to kill wasps and yellow jackets.  I found Rescue brand trap that is supposed to capture and kill flying insects, specifically wasps and yellow jackets, so I bought two for the back yard.

You can't tell from the picture, but ten minutes after I hung it, there were a half-dozen yellow jackets swarming around it.  They were on it like a bad rash.  I hope it works, at least until I can figure out where the nest is and take more appropriate measures.


JoeMama said...

Hello Pawpaw:

The old timers had great faith in placing a piece of raw fish just above some soapy water. The greedy yellowjackets gorge themselves to where they need to lose altitude upon take-off. They hit the soapy water and that is the end of their flight.

Very good write-up, with pictures here:

Gerry N. said...

Prepare two packets of Knox unflavored gelatin with a can of chicken or beef stock and 1/2 C of rose dust containing diazinon. Let it gel in an old cake pan lined with aluminum foil. Cut the gel into chunks and place where cats and dogs can't get at it. Yellowjackets will nip off as much as they can carry and take it to the nest, telling all their buddies about the bounty to be had. Diazanon is slow acting, but effective, will kill off the nest, inside of a week you'll notice few to no 'jackets. They stay close to home, not flying much further than 150 yds or so.

Gerry N.