Tuesday, October 28, 2014

One Week

One week from today, we vote, and learn the results of the only poll that matters, the election returns.  Lots of pundits are watching, prognosticating, trying to detect trends, and the one trend they've identified is that the GOP is liable to win this one.

Don't count your chickens before they hatch.  In a week we'll know who won, who lost, and who's wailing and gnashing their teeth.

However, print sells papers, or in this digital age, sells advertising, and Noah Rothman has a good piece about the stages of political grief, and short-sighted rules that make political expediency.
The “obstructionist Republicans” plotline was always ever a myth. The GOP did what all political parties in the minority do: they formed voting blocs aimed at frustrating the will of the majority they opposed. It was this temerity that led the Senate Democrats to rewrite the rules of the upper chamber in order to limit minority filibuster rights, a shortsighted tantrum that they will soon regret.
Yeah, Harry Reid's nuclear option might bite them in the butt.  If the majority can pass something with fifty votes, then it shouldn't matter which majority we're talking about.  Fifty votes is fifty votes, and what's good for the goose, is good for the gander, and Harry Reid should consider that his goose is just about cooked.

Obstructionism works both ways.  If Congress, the will of the people through their elected representatives, thinks it prudent to pass a law, then the President can either sign it or veto it,
 But Democrats and their allies in the press are finding it hard to let go of the “obstructionist Republicans” narrative. The White House is convinced that “obstruction” will continue, even when it will be them doing the obstructing.
All this is interesting to watch, but I caution everyone to not get cocky.  It ain't over till next Tuesday and on Wednesday we'll know the tale of the poll.

If you haven't yet, go vote.


Old NFO said...

I voted! And I'm waiting until the results are in myself...

zdogk9 said...

Do vote. If you live in Washington State, I urge you vote NO on I594