Thursday, January 30, 2014

Comes the Thaw

It looks like we're thawing out.  I was surprised to be off work today, the major bridge across the river was still closed and before daylight, many of the bridges were treacherous.  I talked with my lieutenant, and stayed home, as the schools were closed.  At about noon, I declared cabin fever.  I haven't moved off this acre in three days and I was getting squirrely, so Milady and I at noon ventured forth to find sustenance at a new eatery that has opened across the river.

As we approached the bridge, the ramp to the interstate was still closed, and traffic was limited to one lane, that put us off downtown.  We moved along the city streets, ate lunch, then headed back toward our side of the river.  Just as we approached the bridge, we noticed crews working removing barricades.  Traffic was flowing cautiously over the river and everything seemed to be getting back to normal.  I'll be at work tomorrow, after having been off those three days.  It appears that the interstate highway over Alexandria is now open and regular commerce commences.

Hopefully, the snowpocalypse of 2014 is over and we can get back to more rational weather patterns.  Snow around here is a once in a ten-year event, and we've been shuttered twice in the same seven days.

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