Sunday, March 03, 2013

Sunday Morning Dawg

Yesterday morning the dog came to me whining and pestering and moving toward the door.  I went with him and opened the carport door.  He kicked it into high gear and ran into the front yard, so I followed him.

Geese in the yard!  A pair of Canada geese had the effrontery to land in his front yard, and he could not let that challenge go unmet.  He charged the geese and they took flight, literally, up the road toward the highway.  Then, the dawg turned and strutted back to me, the last dog in the fight.

Yeah, he's a scrapper, no doubt about it.


Old NFO said...

LOL, glad they didn't decide to fight back... :-)

Rivrdog said...

Dinner landed in your yard? Photos of roast goose, please. Save the tried-out goose-grease, it's excellent for cooking, superior to lard.

A .22 boltie with CB cap chambered would have done the trick...

Gerry N. said...

In the long-ago while I was in technical school, a friend was complaining about peaphowl from the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle phlying over the phence and phouling (pun not intended) his yard and porch. The Park Authority thought it was phunny. As I was already the owner of several bolt rifles including a decent .22 I came over with a tin of CB Caps one Sunday afternoon and sent a peacock and a hen to the promised land. Being loathe to waste meat, we scalded, plucked and dressed both, they turned out to be the size of small turkeys. My friend's wife made stuffing and roasted both of them. The cock was a trifle chewy, not bad and the hen was delicious, tender and moist.

After that, every once in a while I'd come over, pop a peafowl through the haid-bone and we'd dine like Emperors and Empress.

It took a few months, but the peafowl learned to stay on their side of the street where it was much safer.

We here in the People's Republic of Wa. have a bad problem with Canukistani Geese. Each of the phoul pheathered phoeces phactories produces a pound of pestilential, pernicious poo a day, polluting parks, playgrounds and ponds.

They are sacrosanct and must not even be spoken of harshly. If the game dept. lent .22 single shots, and gave a tin of CB Caps with each along with a goose recipe pamphlet, the problem would be solved cheaply within a year.

Gerry N.