Monday, March 25, 2013


I spent several hours this morning taking the paperwork for the Old Man Package to the DMV to get the title, registration, and a new plate switched over into my name.  If there is a more aggravating place to spend two hours than a Louisiana DMV office, I've yet to see it.  The thing about DMV offices is that we have to use them, indeed we're mandated by state law, so it's not an option, and DMV offices worldwide are not noted for exemplary customer service.

Take a number, have a seat.  Yet for the first 45 minutes they didn't call any numbers, it appeared that everyone had gone to lunch.  Sometime after 1:00 they started calling numbers again, and it was so bad in the waiting room that when a number was called, people would clap and cheer.  Of course, the woman who pulled a number before I pulled mine had three pre-school kids with her.  They were fairly well behaved, but pre-school kids don't do well in waiting rooms of any stripe.

The lady who waited on me was pleasant and professional, but that didn't make up for the long wait time.  She could have been waiting on people during that first 45 minutes and still been pleasant and professional.  I see that the Commissioner of OMV is somebody named Campbell.  I may have to draft a harshly worded memo to remind him who he is supposed to be serving.


PoppaJ said...

Here in Oklahoma we use a system of local private for-profit Tag Agencies for car tags, registrations, and drivers license renewals and it seems to eliminate a lot of the DMV crap folks in other states have to put up with.

Old NFO said...

DMV up here sucks rocks too... sigh

Termite said...

Good luck.

I find all the Pineville DMV gals to be fat cantankerous bitches with a bad attitude.

Gerry N. said...

My DMV office, (due to changes in State regs, one no longer needs to go there except for the first DL exam) has some of the most professional, friendliest folks I've ever dealt with. They stagger breaks and lunches so the office always moves along to. This is in Wash State. My local Post Office is pretty much the same.

Lucky, I guess.

Gerry N. said...

crap. "too" cotton pickin' keyboard can't spell for beans.