Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Election Choices

I was reading the Daily Wipe yesterday and I leaned that we've got a choice in the LA 5th Congressional Race.  Some guy named Tom Gibbs has come out against Rodney Alexander.  Tom doesn't align himself with a party and in Louisiana you can be listed as No Party.  I've looked at Gibbs platform and while I'm not thrilled with everything on it, the only thing that I need to know is that Tom Gibbs isn't Rodney Alexander. I had never heard of Gibbs until yesterday in the paper, and a simple web search gave me enough to know that he's not a socialist or a Marxist.    I just hope he's not an idiot too.

Does Tom have a chance to beat Rodney?  Stranger things have happened, but I don't see much of a threat here.  It's going to be Rodney in a landslide, but at least I don't have to vote for him. Maybe somebody decent will run against Rodney inn 2012.  We can only hope.

That sleaze Vitter has a lot of folks running against him.  Lots of folks.  According to my sample ballot, we've got 12 people on the ballot, including Vitter and Melancon.  I've got to decide who I want to vote on, and it isn't Melancon or Vitter.    I'll throw that vote away, too.

Louisiana has a whole list of Constitutional Amendments to consider, and I've considered them thoroughly.  I intend to vote NO on all of them.  Our state constitution gets amended nilly-willy and it's time to put a stop to that nonsense.  Of particular interest is proposed amendment #8, which makes it easier for a government entity to expropriate property.  Hell, no. 

On a more local note, we voted to fire our school board member, and there is a run-off between the two pretenders.  I'm voting for Julie McConathy, mainly because my mother detests Scott Lindsay.  Such is local politics.

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