Saturday, July 11, 2020

Nothing New Under The Sun

I was aimlessly clicking around You Tube this afternoon and came upon a Colion Noit video about the Army's new M-18 pistol, a variant of the Sig P320.  I wasn't aware that the Army was looking for a new handgun.  But, I never liked the M-9.

I was on active duty during Desert Storm when the Army took my 19111 nd gave me a bright, shine new Beretta M-9, right out of the box.  I wasn't impressed.  But, they told me to carry it, so I did.

Now it seems the Army has acquired a new pistol, and Colion was talking about the short slide and the regular sized frame, and said that people were asking him how it compared to the new Glock 19X.  19X? Whatthehell?  So I Googled it and found that the new Glock 19X combines the slide of the 19 with the frame of the 17, making it what they call a "crossover" pistol.  Shorter slide married to a full-size frame, and this is something new?

A shorter slide on a regular frame?  Where have I heard that before?  Oh, I remember, in 1950, Colt came out with something they called the Commander.  It has a 4.25" barrel, and they've been making it since 1950.  The revered Col Jeff Cooper (pbuh) found it eminently useful.

Oh, yeah, a short slide with a standard frame is new and cutting edge.  If you like 1950s era new.

Here's Colion's video if you want his take on the Army's new pistol.

I think I'll have another cocktail before bedtime.


Anonymous said...

I don't know about those specific platforms, but a Glock 30 loaded with full size Glock 21 magazines works just fine. Best of both worlds maybe.

Old NFO said...

Snerk... Kids and their 'new' toys... I lurve my Commander.