Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Shipping Problems

I ordered several items last week.  Things I couldn't normally get from local merchants.  I used my normal vendors, and shipping is an issue.

One order, from Midway USA is still not in, after me being notified that it has shipped, and would be here last Saturday.  This morning, I got an email from Midway USA apologizing to their customers.
While we’ve projected estimated delivery dates as accurately as possible, there have been delays from our package delivery partners as they’ve experienced large volumes and Employee shortages. If your order didn’t arrive on time, or you received inaccurate tracking information, or both, we’re very sorry. If your order hasn’t arrived yet, rest assured it’s on the way. We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience in allowing a few extra days before contacting us.
I'm going to give Midway USA the benefit of the doubt.  They've been up-front with me in the past, and I've been a customer for decades.   There's no telling how many of my dollars I've sent to Larry Potterfield.

Who do y'all trust for shipping 2A items?  I'm always looking to expand my catalog, and right now I'm looking for ammo inn 9mm Luger.


Punzdeleon said...

BobF said...

I'm having delays in shipping, not in transit, from an increasing number of places. Bought a new (to me) caliber so am getting everything from boresight round to ammo to reloading supplies and am seeing LOTS of delays, also with an added one for a rifle case. Right now can't recommend anyone.

If it makes you feel better, I ordered a chest type freezer from Home Depot on May 17th with a scheduled delivery to the house on June 8. Two weeks ago delivery was rescheduled by Home Depot for September 8.

pjk said...

Try Graf and Sons

Anonymous said...

Not firearm related, but I've been having issues with receiving mail ordered items myself the past month. Payments I've made via USPS taking longer to get there, and receiving the materials from them as well. At least a one week delay, if not slightly longer. I live in deep South and this goes for items from both Pacific and Atlantic coasts.

I've also shopped for firearm accessories, but gave up on ammunition distance shipping. Too costly for ordinance charge. Now, it is hard to find anywhere.

Termite said...

I've bought from SG Ammo in Stillwater, OK, numerous times. Never had a shipping problem, but that was a while back.

I noticed on their website that they are out of a LOT of stuff, and they are saying there is a shipping delay due to increased orders.

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for something I ordered from Midway June 29 and they claim was shipped June 30.

Midway, to cut their shipping costs, uses UPS for the first few miles, then your package gets handed over to USPS. I got the same "we're sorry" email you did. Twice. And Midway cannot be contacted - they've turned their phones off, no one responded to the "instant chat" on their web site for over 2 hours so I gave up, and I'm betting I never hear from them on the email I sent. But I did get the second "we're sorry" email after I sent it. And they keep sending me email surveys to fill out on how I like my order.

Partnering with USPS is a fatal mistake for a business depending on delivery of orders for income; USPS is the blind leading the incompetent and often fails to update tracking info; for my package the info is 6 days behind, and status as of this morning - July 16 - is "Your shipment was received at 10:13 am on July 11, 2020 in (my local post office). The acceptance of your package is pending."

What that means I do not know, but I'm guessing it's "we lost your package but won't admit it."

I'm avoiding buying from Midway until things return to "normal," if they ever do; I hope they saved lots of money on shipping for my order, because that's the last of my money they'll see for a really, really long time.

As for who else to use, Brownell's is absolutely swamped, but I'm getting stuff from them via UPS in 4-5 days. My last SGAmmo order - 15 days ago - arrived in 4 days, but they probably don't have anything left in stock to ship out now, if they're shipping it's going straight from the delivery truck it arrives on to UPS to go to you. Amazon seems to have a split personality - most stuff arrives in 2 days as usual, but stuff that's obviously not critical is taking about 4. I think the secret to success, or at least frustration avoidance, is to see who the seller uses for shipping; if it's USPS I won't buy from them. Which means "fulfillment by Amazon" is OK, but something from Fred & Larry's Excellent Company in East Puddlejump is a no-go because you can't trust that you'll get it.

What we're seeing is the weaknesses - and failures - of what's turned out to be a pretty fragile distribution system.

BobF said...

I pay $40 a year to UPS for various niceties, one of which is a setting that NONE of my shipments are handed to USPS on my end. Saves a day, guaranteed, maybe more. Only downside is if a package would have been delivered on a Saturday by USPS. With my no-USPS restriction I won't get it until Monday. It has happened once in 2 years.