Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Deer Blind

I spent the day with my brother in law, assembling a Terrain Edge, a deer blind that we're going to use on the lease near Jena, LA.  It's a little 4X4, but it seems to be water tight, and will probably serve a single hunter well.

It's made of four plastic panels with a plastic roof, and we;ll make some adjustments to it before we take it to the woods.  We spent the morning on the lease, then assembled this little blind in about four hours.  We'll leave the protective sheeting on the windows until we get it to the woods.

Next week, we'll build a base for it, and prepare to haul it out to the lease.  Deer season is only 90 days away.


Old NFO said...

Looks like a nice little unit. How high are you going to mount it?

Anonymous said...

I've hunted in synthetic panel blinds before. One caution - you require extra care when inside them, the bump 'noise' from elbows, feet and rifles is louder than in a plywood panel blind. Might think of installing some carpet remnant pads in corners where you temporarily lean gun.

The good of synthetic - yellow jackets appear to leave them alone more, my closed in wood blinds in summer can be dangerous if you just barge in. When I left solid window panels off and instead used hardware cloth to keep the birds out, this worked better. No insulation so yellow jackets appeared to be much less. Woodpeckers even more so. :^)

Hope future hunts go well for you and yours.