Wednesday, July 29, 2020

We're #1

Our governor seems proud o the fact that Louisiana has the highest per capita covid count in the US.  Look at the way he's touting it.

That's nothing to be proud of, Governor.

I'd rather see Louisiana first in education, lowest in personal taxes, first in quality of life, lowest in government corruption, and have the best roads in the nation.  That would be something to brag about, and you should get to work on each of those goals

Rather than bragging about our covid count, lets get to work expanding freedom, and increasing quality o life.  Those would be laudable goals.

But, I bet you don't have it in you.  Which is why most o us consider our governor a worthless pissant.

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robert orians said...

I'll put our governor here in the Buckeye up against any other in the USA . Close the churches but keep them abortion clinics open 24/7 . And he ran as a conservative .