Monday, July 27, 2020

Getting Woke

Inn the past couple of years, "woke" had become a thing.  Someone who was living their day-to-day lives, trying to make a good life, suddenly has a revelation about one thing or another, and wakes up to an uncomfortable fact or two.  Generally "woke-ness" has been described in liberal circles.  We may decide to modify behavior based on new knowledge, or to be perceived as being one of the cool kids.

There is another kind of woke-ness going on right now.  The sudden realization that our world is not as safe as we perceive it to be, and that the police may not be there when we need them.  That the radical, violent left wants to impose their will on the rest of us. 

Lots of folks are waking up to the simple fact that they may need to defend themselves.  A simple review of the NICS checks show that a lot of people are buying guns, and a sizable percentage of them are first-time gun buyers.  We should welcome them to the fold.

If a formerly anti wants advise, give it.  Preach safety.  Safety in all things.  Take them to the range, if necessary.  Help them make good decisions.  Teach the Four Rules.

Lots of folks are waking up to the 2nd Amendment.  We need to help them along.  They are getting work, and that's a good thing.

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