Thursday, May 28, 2020

Minneapolis Burns

The death of George Floyd at the hands of the police is regrettable, lamentable. and probably prosecutable.  Everyone from the local police union to the US Dept of Justice is investigating it. Even the President of the United States has made the promise that justice will be served.

So, explain to me again why looting a Target store does anything to promote justice.  Explain to me again how burning buildings does anything to promote justice. 

Opportunistic looting is a crime.  Arson is a crime.  The people in the stores, the owners of the buildings, had nothing to do with the injustice that  two officers imposed on George Floyd.  Tell me again how mo violence does anything to promote justice.

I'll wait.


Anonymous said...

This is not a surprise. These actions of burning & looting are just natural for these people. Follow history and you see a pattern...this is nothing new.

Eaton Rapids Joe said...

There is no logic. It is all about emotion and solidarity.

I was accused of vile things after I said the police officers were entitled to due process.

The person who gave me the rough edge of their tongue "...guaranteed (me) that the officers are guilty..."

Guarantee implies that the situation will be made "right" if the person making the guarantee is wrong. Can that person restore the personal reputations of the officers if they are wrong? Can they rebuild the stores and housing going up in smoke? I think not.

It is about the adrenaline rush of emotion and the feeling of being swept up in something bigger than an individual, the belief that they are making history.

Minneapolis used to be a nice town. Now it will become another Baltimore or St. Louis. Why would ANYBODY willingly start a business in Minneapolis/St Paul?

robert orians said...

We are no more than fodder for the orcs with the Dunning-Kruger syndrome if we don't stop the killing of innocent men . Where is innocent until proven guilty ? Ruby Ridge ? Waco ? Kent State ? Eric Garner ? I can do this all night .

Termite said...

The four officers in question have been fired, apparently.
I understand the protesting; but I have absolutely no sympathy for the looting.
Why the local DA hasn't announced charges is a mystery; it might have helped stave off this rioting & looting. He can always drop the charges later.

What is the Minneapolis equivalent of "roof-top Koreans"? Post some on top of the local businesses, and said looters will seek other targets.

As for riots in general, I have long said that tanker firetrucks are the way to go.

A 2" fire-monitor with 125-150 psi will pretty much bowl someone over, at close range.
But don't just use plain water; add a sufficient amount of OC to the tanks, for extra special fun.