Saturday, May 23, 2020

Good Questions

Several weeks ago, the president's press secretary told reporters that they should be asking questions about LTG Michael Flynn to the Obama organization.

Today, another reporter asked if President Trump might pardon Obama for what seems to be crimes that occurred during the unmasking of General Flynn.

Her answer was a slam-dunk.

Wow!  She is like a high-school teacher giving an unruly class homework over a long weekend.  You can bet that if any of those un-curious reporters dare to ask a follow-up next week, there will be a pop quiz.

I'm a fan of Kayleigh Mcenany.  She's doing a great job.


Eaton Rapids Joe said...

"Would Trump pardon President Obama for illegally wiretapping..."

That is progress. The question shows that they recognize that a conviction has a higher-than-zero chance of happening. The press recognizes Obama did it. They recognize it was illegal.

Termite said...

For a pardon to be needed, a conviction must happen(never mind what the idiot GR Ford did).

The chances of that are approximately the "square-root of a -1".

Murphy's Law said...

She ate their collective lunches! Ima marry that gal if she's single!