Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Louisiana Covid Update - Day 72

On this muggy Wednesday, the 72nd of the covid over-reaction, Belle went back to work today.  The office called her yesterday and asked if she would give a medication-administration class to new employees.  She said that she would be happy to, and tap-danced out of the house this morning to go to the office.

By all rights, this covid unpleasantness should be over.  Yet, Louisiana has a Democrat governor who thinks that as long as he can keep us caged, he can soak more money out of the federal government.  So, let's look at today's numbers.

Cumulative covid-load is at 38,497.  That is 443 more than reported yesterday.
2617 deaths reported today. 21 more than yesterday.
The hospital census stands at 798 with 100 on ventilators.  If what I've heard about ventilators is correct, about 80 of those souls will be added to the death toll.

Louisiana is still in phase 1, and are scheduled to be until June 5th. Our petty tyrant governor decided that 14 fays wan't long enough, and opted for 21 days.  Our church opened up this weekend, and I saw one congregant wearing a mask. 

Pretty much everyone in this state is "over it".  The governor can go around wringing his hands, and telling us that we're all going to die, but all he's doing is raising himself to ridicule and making scofflaws of most of the state. He's supposed to hold a press coference at 2:30 today, but I don't expect anything earth-shattering.

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