Thursday, August 01, 2019

Whut? You've Never Heard This Song?

Free Bird (or Freebird) is an American power ballad first performed by rock band Lynard Skynard in 1973.  It quickly became an iconic recording.  Over forty hears later it still resonates.

Some folks have never heard it.



Old NFO said...


Robert said...

Well, at least Old NFO was amused. I had to stop trying to watch after the second interruption. Would the tattoed yahoo please STFU and let me enjoy the song?!

In other entertainment news: ONFO, apparently my abode is directly in line with the radial from Middleton airport to Oshkosh! One formation flight had at least 36 Ercoupes, I believe. Spent way too long in the yard staring at the sky. No P-3s, however.